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Your Perfect Day in Chamberí

Whether you’re looking for a taste of home, missing London, or craving adventure just around the corner, we have your perfect day planned in Chamberi.

If your idea of a perfect day is great food, amazing sunshine on a terrace, and a glass of cava before discovering a fantastic new addition to your home or closet, look no further than Calle Alonso Cano.

Located just next to the hip and trendy Calle Ponzano, well-known in Madrid as a destination for unique cocktails, good drinks, and tasty tapas, Calle Alonso Cano is the up-and-coming neighbor. More low key, the neighborhood between Metro Alonso Cano and Metro Rios Rosas is a destination for authentic Spanish neighborhood life. Chic and cosmopolitan, Alonso Cano is full of locals. Minutes from the Salamanca neighborhood and El Viso, pop over to spend an afternoon with us.

From SilverwoodBloom down to the Mercado Chamberi, we have organized your perfect day in the neighborhood. Even if you’re doing a gym run on a Saturday morning, be it Metropolitan, Fit Up or Rebel Gym, Alonso Cano is happy to see you.

Start with Brunch

Sylkar is the place to go for tortilla. For me, it’s the ultimate Madrileno antidote for the “morning after the night before.” Next, pop into Bo for a specialty coffee to go. Or, hang out on their cute terrace and enjoy the sunshine.

Errands & Groceries

Sanchez - Raul paints and polishes shoes for a Berluti feel. Whether you need a repair on your Chanel handbag or need your shoes fancied up, Raul can do it.

Levadura Madre - a Madrid fave, pop into Levadura Madre for your daily organic breads, perfect to accompany our handmade jams and luxury teas.

We also recommend going to the Brie Alto Fromagerie at Mercado Chamberi for a luxe selection of specialty cheese. Stock up on a week’s worth of bagels at Mazal next door before visiting us at Calle de Alonso Cano 38.


Of course come see us at SilverwoodBloom for the ultimate shopping experience. Now that you’ve done the regular errands of the day, pick up a nice gift for yourself. Our Tea Together jams would go perfectly with your bread from Levadura Madre, or treat yourself to a Carthusia perfume for a real naughty pleasure.

Time for a Drink!

Not a cana or a doble, a PINT! Reward yourself after a fulfilling day. Stop in at Iñaki’s El Cano for a recovery pint after all your hard work.

Dinnertime Already?

A delightful gem for authentic Spanish food, Paulino’s is a traditional find. Order the morcilla and chiperones en su tinta.


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