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Blue Mug - Luke Edward Hall - Ginori 1735

Blue Mug - Luke Edward Hall - Ginori 1735


Blue Mug - Luke Edward Hall - Ginori 1735

These Porcelain Mugs from the Historic manufacturer Richard Ginori, designed by British artist Luke Edward Hall make sublime gifts.  Individually packaged in matching Ginori gift boxes and wrapped here at SilverwoodBloom. These make for perfect house warmings, thank-you´s  and everyday luxuries. 

Fashion, art and history often share a common path that leads us to travel through time and our imagination. Inspired by the designer’s love of Greco-Roman mythology, the Viaggio di Nettuno collection represents a creative vision where classic meets modern.

Featuring Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and his wife Salacia, this collection represents an unconventional vision of the art of the table.

Drawings of the gods decorate plates, placeholders, cups and vases, and bold, unexpected colours infuse the chinaware with personality.


Gift Box 

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